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Maglev Centrifugal Air Compressor
Maglev Centrifugal Air Compressor
Maglev Centrifugal Air Compressor

Product Name:
Maglev Centrifugal Air Compressor

Product Overview: The maglev centrifugal air compressor is a new type of high-efficiency oil-free air compressor independently developed by CIGU. Compared with traditional air compressors, it does not require a speed-increasing gearbox and can save energy by about 20%; no lubrication is required and 100% oil-free; its noise≤75dB(A) with minimal...
Maglev Centrifugal Air Compressor
Maglev Centrifugal Air Compressor
Product main information

Product Description

The maglev centrifugal air compressor is a high-tech industrial product that integrates mature technologies such as maglev, frequency conversion, high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor and high-speed impeller. Active suspended magnetic bearing keeps the compressor rotor in the best position, and the frequency conversion technology is conducive to low current start-up and the intelligent adjustment of the compressor at full working condition. Moreover, high-speed motor and high-speed impeller are applied to achieve high efficiency, small size and light weight of the complete unit. Compared with traditional air compressor, the maglev centrifugal air compressor is free from speed-increasing gearbox. It requires no lubricants, demonstrates minimal vibration and low noise and save energy by more than 30%.


Applicable Industry

It is applicable to places associated with mining, electric power, industry, food, pharmaceuticals, fermentation, papermaking, automobiles, etc. where there are higher requirements for oil content, energy saving or noise.


Product Advantages

1. The air compressor impeller is directly driven by a high-speed motor, without a speed-increasing gearbox or oil station system, thus reducing maintenance costs and workload.
2. The rotor is completely suspended without friction while running, which reduces mechanical loss, saves energy by more than 30% compared with traditional air compressors and has a longer service life.
3. No lubricants are needed, and the air outlet can be 100% oil-free, thus reducing the burden on post-processing equipment.
4. Less than 70dB (A) operating noise of the equipment can be achieved, providing comfortable operating environment.
5. Completely self-designed and developed, so CIGU can provide customized services and faster after-sales service response.


Technical Parameters

ModelFlowPressureMotor speedMotor Power
Power supply:380V50HZ
Ambient temperature:-10~45℃
Environment humidity:0~95%RH


Service Program Upgrade

1)Meticulous design brings longer service life and mature design concept provides excellent performance of the unit;
2)Highly efficient and noiseless maglev centrifugal air compressor offers you all-weather outstanding performance and reliable operation;
3)Professional after-sales service team is always available to support the product with a focus on fast and flexible installation and commissioning;
4)Provide customized service plans, ensure the equipment meets business requirements of each customer and maximize the return on your investment.



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